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Founded in 1994, Achievement Strategy has an extensive track record of delivering sales results to our clients and insuring they attain their revenue targets. The STORM TM Method roots go much deeper to my own challenges as a VP of Sales for a software venture capital startup. I needed to have a way to manage my “virtual sales team” because plane tickets, rental cars, & hotels were, while necessary, an expensive way for my reps to sell. I needed a way to insure my team was firing on all cylinders…..which they eventually did. I started the consulting business with a single idea, helping Entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their sales group and the lack of productivity and/or predictability. The rest is history and today we are a "Trusted Advisor" to all our clients.

Over the years, hundreds of clients have trusted us to unlock the true potential of their business. On their behalf, we have significantly reduced firefighting & accelerated the transition from little to no prospecting to radically increased prospecting. We did this while growing customers of all shapes and sizes that sell everything from complex enterprise products and services to transactional products.

Storm Method™: The Book

STORM Method™  Results = Drives Sales Accountability

Most Companies have a problem measuring the performance of their sales staff because each salesperson is different and they work in varied methods.


Storm Watch™

STORM Watch is a proven program to assist with Measuring Sales Performance
The ability to measure sales performance depends on the use of success-based criteria as a model to compare daily, weekly and monthly numbers.


Storm Plan™

Be Pro Active have a Plan
Regardless of how knowledgeable you are, having a plan will enable you to make better use of your time and resources and produce better results.


Our Philosophy

STORM Method™ is a well vetted disciplined approach to sales management and selling in a proactive way.

About Storm Method

Founded in 1994, Storm Method has an extensive track record of delivering sales results to our clients and insuring they attain their revenue targets.

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